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Back To School With Good Vision

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As you might have guessed, a lot of progress at school is accomplished with children's eyes. Despite the obvious connection between eyesight and learning, a lot of parents don't seem to be aware of just how common vision problems are, and don't get their child's eyes checked often enough. As your child's vision may change frequently, regular eye and vision care is central to success at school.

School-aged children possess an amazing ability to work with an issue with their sight and they might not talk about their difficulty, because they don't actually realize they are having a problem seeing. As children go through school, it becomes increasingly important to keep tabs on their eyesight.

Impaired vision and growing demands on the eyes, such as smaller print in textbooks or additional homework may noticeably affect their academic performance. Recently developed classroom technology, like interactive whiteboards, can also potentially heighten subtle but significant vision problems. If a child doesn't have good enough vision, it isn't just their performance at school that suffers. It's mentally and emotionally challenging for them too.

If your son or daughter has already been tested for and fitted with glasses, the start of the school year is a good opportunity to consider getting a new pair of frames. If you want the kid to wear his glasses, he better like how he feels in them!

So be sure to stop by to see us as part of your back-to-school routine. We'll do all we can to help all the kids we treat commence the academic year with excellent vision.